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Introduction to Plagiarism & Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is the act of taking another person’s source, data, ideas and passing it off as your own. It is the act of fraud where you steal other person’s resources and take reward as you are the owner of those resources. It is unethical and illegal work. Duplication can occur intentionally or unintentionally, and thing to worry about is that it is becoming a common practice in our society. It is most common in students for doing their assignments and home tasks.

Copyright can ruin your career. Free Plagiarism Checker is the duplication finder that is considered as an essential tool for students, educators, scholars as well as professional writers. It works on the Web and mobile devices. This copyright checker can detect any duplication infringement in your essay, coursework, research paper or dissertation, and helps avoid copy-paste. With our best free text checker for students, it will only take you a few minutes to run a plagiarism check. Are you trying to find a text analysis tool that is smart enough to help you in tracking copied content? Use Free tool and avoid copy-paste

Replicate content in your essay, research paper or article doesn’t necessarily mean that you copied them. It is only fair to say that the way you have constructed the sentence is similar to the way another author has done. That is why it is critical to scan or check your article or research paper with a copyright checker. Always be aware of the severe penalties. Scan your article or essay before submitting it to your client or instructor.

Make sure the content you write is original and free of any duplication. As the name indicates, our tool is free to use, you need no sign-up or install. There is no free trial and no upgrade that we will charge you for!

How to use Free Plagiarism Checker

We offer an online tool for students, educators, writers, bloggers, website owners, and instructors, developed in the light of expert programmers and professional developers. We have developed it to be 100% reliable and efficient so that any person regardless of their location and social status can benefit from it easily. Free Plagiarism Checker helps you to make your work distinct and unique from other resources. Good plagiaat checker tells you about your all plagiarized content.Our text checker is very easy to use and equally beneficial for everyone.

The home page contains the option of check plagiarism. Firstly, if a user wants to check the plagiarized content in a document file, then he has to upload the file in Microsoft Word or notepad format. Our system is much powerful to check all the contents of the document with the available internet resources. If the document is free of duplication, then system shows that our text is 100% unique otherwise it shows the uniqueness and copyright in document in percentage. Similarly, if a user wants to check for plagiarism of a website or web page, then he has to paste that particular URL address in the URL box. In the same way, if he wants to check the copied content in the document then he has to copy all the document content and paste it into the text box. But remember you can paste or enter maximum 1000 words in the text box.

Importance of Online Plagiarism Checker

There are several methods for the removal of copied text, such as reading the document carefully then putting it into your own words. This way you write content into your own words or you map your thoughts and ideas into words that belong entirely to you, ensuring unique text. The importance of copyright is no longer a secret.

- Allows search in variety of databases

Text Analysis tools allow easy access to different databases available online which means that you can cross check papers across a large volume of documents on the internet. Plagiarism detector is designed to search through a large number of databases and indexes so that no incident of duplication can go undetected and appropriate action can be taken to discourage such practices.

- Offers the better learning experience

Learners who are aware of the grave consequences of copied content tend to perform better and have a successful academic career. The use of text scanner checker software in eLearning greatly helps the learners to develop an ethical and moral sense regarding the research they conduct and the content they create, whether for class or professional tasks. Also, enable learners to get the most out of their academic experience, provided that they truly gain and retain the information that they may collect.

Usability of Plagiarism Detector

- Serves as an invaluable educational help

If someone finds out that the assignment submitted to him is a result of stolen content after using a plagiarism detector, then this opportunity can be availed to inform the learners about the severe consequences of copied or stolen content. They can also guide them how to properly cite references and improve their writing and research skills, which will ultimately enhance the learning process as a whole.

- Deters from plagiarizing in the first place

If your learners or employees are tempted to plagiarize, but they know that you are using content checker, then it is very less likely that they will even try to copy work of others. If facilitators or instructors inform that an online plagiarism checker will check all of the papers or projects, this may discourage or potentially stop stealing content. Often, even if you don’t intend to check content merely mentioning that you are using one, will be enough to discourage the bad practice of stealing the content.

- Ensure that your work is free of plagiarism

If you are writing an article, blog or assignment yourself, it’s always a wise decision to run your work through the text checker before uploading or forwarding it further. This will not only allow you to avoid any issue such as copyright infringement but also enables you to uphold your professional integrity.