Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Free Plagiarism Checker?

Well, the answer is really simple: Anyone! Since it is a Free Plagiarism Checker for students, bloggers, and writers, it is freely accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. You could be a student, educator or freelancer; regardless of who you are and why you want to use this plagiarism software, you can always benefit from this handy tool. Bloggers and writers trying to get their work published online or in their favorite newspaper can use Google plagiarism checker software to be sure that their content is unique and free of plagiarism.

Teachers and supervisors can use it to check the essays, papers, and assignments submitted to them. Plagiarism detection can help to discourage plagiarism among students. Similarly, students can use a plagiarism software to ensure the authenticity of the work before submission. Plagiarism can lead to failure, detention or expulsion from school.

Academic dishonesty is an extended term that refers to any form of unauthorized material, information or assistance utilized by students to furnish any academic task or exercise. Global institutes take into account academic dishonesty, they create various rules, laws, and policies to discourage educational malpractices. This can slow down the efforts to get rid of plagiarism on a global level. Sometimes international students in an educational institute are subjected to cultural clash concerning academic standards. Therefore, institutions are trying to inculcate a standardized discernment of ownership and authorization among students. Therefore, plagiarism software, as well as successful execution of rules and regulations, are required to put an end to plagiarism.

So if you are trying to find the best free plagiarism checker to know whether a piece of writing is plagiarized or not, you must use our free tool.