Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Free Plagiarism Checker?

This is a free plagiarism checker for students, instructors, and writers, it has been developed in the light of skilled developers and expert programmers who know their job well. Our plagiarism software has been designed in a way that it is 100% reliable and efficient to allow everyone to use it regardless of the location and status. It is a helpful tool that will make it convenient for you to run a plagiarism check for a given text. A good plagiarism checker software will let you know about the uniqueness and plagiarism percentage of your content.

With a simple user interface, our Free Plagiarism Checker is very easy to use and helpful for everyone.

Simply, copy and paste the text into the text box, however, keep in mind that you can only enter up to 1000 words at a time, and click on “Check Plagiarism” button. If you are a user who wishes to check the plagiarism of a document, you will have to upload a .docx file. Our system is efficient enough to check the contents of an entire document by carefully scanning the internet resources. Similarly, if you want to check the plagiarism from a particular URL then enter a valid address in the URL box. After the completion of plagiarism check, plagiarism checker will return you a detailed report that will include the percentage of completed plagiarism check, uniqueness of the content as well as its plagiarism.