Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a free plagiarism software?

YES! It is a best free plagiarism checker that doesn’t charge you a single penny. Apart from being a free plagiarism software, it is unlimited as well. Since it is an entirely online plagiarism software, you can use it as many times as you want. We aimed to develop a plagiarism software that people can use anytime, anywhere, without worrying about the membership plan or price.

Plagiarism is the issue we are commonly facing in our society today; it can lead to severe consequences and destroy the credibility of the one who plagiarizes and the one whose work is copied. In order to overcome this ever growing issue of plagiarism, the number of plagiarism software and services have also been increased. However, not all of these tools or services are free of charge or easy to use.

The internet has given us an opportunity and made it so much more convenient for us to learn irrespective of the time and distance. Now we have access to the wealth of knowledge and information without having to leave our home or school. While this has managed to enhance eLearning and made it easier to get the required information, it has also become easier to plagiarize. Consequently, people often try to find a free plagiarism checker to ensure that the work their work is free of plagiarism and 100% original.

Ours is a Free Plagiarism Checker software that enables you to run a free plagiarism check for a particular content as many times as you need. The objective is to allow the users to enjoy the best plagiarism detection services free of cost and therefore, we are offering unlimited access.