Frequently Asked Questions

How Free Plagiarism Checker Works?

Today, you can find many advanced plagiarism software or programs in the market which makes plagiarism detection super quick and easy. One such plagiarism software is our Free Plagiarism Checker which works by taking the user submitted text and checking it for any match from millions of online sources. The tool will thoroughly scan the WWW (World Wide Web) to detect the traces of consistency for a given phrase or sentence in the text to another source. Once the plagiarism check is completed, a detailed report highlighting all the plagiarized text will be displayed to the user.

You might be aware that plagiarism is copying and presenting someone else’s ideas or work as your own. In fact, it can be considered as a form of cheating as it involves stealing and attacking someone’s intellectual property. Both academic and corporate worlds are loaded with rules in order to prevent plagiarism of all sorts. The likelihood of plagiarism in higher education systems is high due to the pressure of time and fulfillment of task which serves as an essential prerequisite for any degree. Therefore, most of the academic institutions utilize a plagiarism software to ensure the clean performance of students.

If there is a need for copying someone’s ideas or words, and you can’t get away with that, then you must properly cite the source. Otherwise, any attempt to use a copied work will account for cheating or plagiarism as there is a possibility that a college, university organization might be using free plagiarism checker to run a plagiarism check for your writing. When it comes to students, they must realize that their essays and assignments are meant to assist in the learning procedure and to spread the awareness that stealing or copying of ideas, thoughts or work is not helpful in the long run.